About SOSOMA Industries Ltd

SOSOMA Industries Ltd is a limited company established on November 1st, 2008.
It is equipped with the Certificate of domestic company registration n° 101767471 and Investor Certificate N°C/658/2009. The company started its business by manufacturing products SOSOMA1, SOSOMA2, FORTIFIED SOSOMA2, SUPER MAIZE MEAL, ROASTED SOYA FLOUR, Red and White SORGHUM FLOURs originally produced by the SOSOMA Production Unit of DUHAMIC-ADRI. Asbl, the main shareholder.

SOSOMA Industries Ltd among others contributes to improve not only the quality of human diet but also it was proven to help fight against malnutrition. The company has been closely partnering with Ministry of Health, PARTNERS IN HEALTH, World Food Program, CARITAS, IMBUTO FOUNDATION, CARE INTERNATIONAL, COMPASSION INTERNATIONALE and other organizations to improve the quality and access to food for children, women, sick people and vulnerable groups. Indeed, SOSOMA Industries is one the tools for Rwanda to meet three (3) of the Millennium Development Goals of eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, reduce child mortality and improve maternal health.

SOSOMA Industries Products
A composite flour SOSOMA is very nutritious flour produced from the mixture of maize grains, soy beans and sorghum.
This composite flour contains a high concentration of protein and is known to play a key role in growth and has other many health advantages. Soya being one of SOSOMA component makes it very powerful in prevention of nutrient deficiencies diseases and many other diseases such as cancers, again its increases breast milk for the breastfeeding women.

We Have:
• SOSOMA 2 Fortified
• Maize Soya Blend
• Super Maize Meal
• Soya Tea
• White Sorghum Flour
• Red Sorghum Flour
• White Flour
• Etc.

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Company News

Ubuzima bwiza buraharanirwa,
A composite flour « SOSOMA » is very nutritious flour produced from the mixture of maize grains,  (Read more)

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