About Institute of Legal Practice and Development

The vision of the institute is to “become a practical school for all legal professionals in a spirit of excellence, independence and service to the community, drawing from the diversity and richness of the civil and common law traditions”.
The mission of the institute is:
a) To contribute to the development of justice in Rwanda and the region through:
- Offering initial professional training to persons holding bachelor’s degree in law; in particular by offering post graduate program to judges, prosecutors, lawyers, bailiffs, notaries, etc, to bring their quality to international standards.
- Offering continuing legal education in order to improve knowledge and skills for other personnel in the justice sector, in particular by offering training to clerks, criminal investigating officers, mediators and all other personnel dealing with legal matters in different ministries and institutions, public as well as private.
b) To conduct legal research;
c) To contribute to the development and dissemination of the law.

Post Graduate Programs
A PostGraduate Diploma in Legal Practice(commonly referred to as DLP) is a 9 months course designed to equip in service Advocates, prosecutors, judges, fresh law graduates and even court registrars with the necessary practical legal skills.
ILPD delivers a DLP programme in various modes:
• Part time (evening), Executive,weekend programmes. These are currently being conducted in kigali.
• Weekend programme in Musanze (Northern province)
• Full-time and weekend programme in Nyanza main campus (Southern province).
The course content is designed to mentor heralds of law and justice as advocates, judges and prosecutors. This content split into modules and these include the following:
• General Legal Culture
• Interviewing and Negotiation
• Drafting
• Criminal Process
• Pleading
• Alternative Dispute Resolution
• Advocacy, Judging and Prosecution (this is according to a trainee’s specialisation)
• Commercial , Property and family transactions.
• Practice management.
The detailed syllabus and examination rules and policies for passing the Course are given to each student upon arrival at ILPD.

Planned Courses:
We have courses suitable for legal advisers, lawyers, prison officers, policy makers, and legal officials in different institutions, Bailiffs, legislators, and members of the prosecution and the judiciary, etc.
Tailor made Courses:
Listed below are some examples of tailor-made training courses that have been delivered by ILPD for its clients.
• Human Rights for Prisons Officers
• Negotiation, Drafting, and Management of Contracts for Legal Advisors
• Investigation techniques for Judicial Police and Prosecutors
• Anti-Money Laundering for Financial institutions Officers
• Administrative Law for District and Sector Executive Secretaries.
• Etc

ICT Facilities
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