About CityBlue Hotels

CityBlue was opened in January 2013 to bring a much needed mid-scale, international quality to a locally born hotel chain across sub-Saharan Africa.

Since then, the CityBlue team has built a reliable and passionate team of local and international individuals from the ground-up, instilling training, standards and a sense of family with three sub-brands to reflect the CityBlue genres: Urban by CityBlue, the boutique business offering with a fabulous restaurant; CityBlue Hotel & Suites, the true business hotel; and c3, a signature franchise added to the hotels of properties managed by third parties who reflect our values.

In less than four years, CityBlue is now appearing in the top ten list in terms of hotel development pipelines across Africa and continues to work with even more owners and local communities across the continent.

CityBlue Hotel & Suites, Embassy Row
KG 7 Ave, Boulevard de l’Umuganda
+250 786 999 999 / 787 811 111

Urban by CityBlue
Rue des Parcs,
+250 786 999 999 / 787 811 111